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19 July 2011 @ 10:18 pm

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13 December 2010 @ 11:49 pm

If I were to meet him, and if he were to smile at me and say hi, I swear, I will make a complete idiot of myself by asking for a hug. Seriously.
10 October 2010 @ 09:03 pm
Big and Small Things to do:
  1. Sell my five year old MacBook, hopefully for a good price that will shoulder most of the expenses to
  2. Buy a new MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, I will be sticking to the 13" because the 15" is just way too expensive.
  3. Buy a new 6th generation iPod Nano. My 4th generation has been dead for a month because the click wheel isn't cooperating. At all. This is where most my freelance money (which I have not yet received) will go to.
  4. Study. The artist I'm replacing is actually very good with Photoshop, since she's utilized the Blending options, which I rarely use save for putting borders and shadows. Also, I'm extremely used to making ads, instead of promotional posters for events. I have a hard time putting all those details and designs in such a small space.
  5. Fix my things. Good thing I was able to get my hands on that Zara bag that can fit (a) my girl kit, (b) a pouch with a laptop charger and external HD, (c) my lion pencil case, (d) my sketch notebook, (e) Lysander, my DS Lite, (f) snacks, (g) and my pen tablet.
  6. Study. I am on probation for 6 months so I need a steady stream of creativity.
I am excited!
11 June 2010 @ 09:20 pm
Obsessive-compulsiveness struck me this morning, so I spent the rest of the day fixing my online accounts - as in, which account would serve which purpose (I realized having too many accounts on Tumblr can be quite a drag on my dashboard). I have decided to:
  1. Use LJ as an emotion-dumping place. I don't have that much feelings - just enough to keep this place up and running. I can't completely ignore or delete this, as the communities I'm a member of are my only source for fandom downloads.
  2. Use Blogspot as a photoblog of sorts. This is mostly due to shallow reasons such as pretty layouts and no ads.
  3. Get rid of my portfolio on Tumblr. As I said in #2, I'm transferring everything in Blogspot.
  4. Continue spamming on my main Tumblr account. Just because it amuses me. It's also a lot easier to move from one account to another.
  5. Create my own deviantArt account for my works. But they're not that good, so don't bother to visit. (It was actually embarrassing to even make one, okay).
And of course, it didn't stop there. I suddenly went on an application downloading spree. Now I have a lightweight email client, a download client that works for both URL and torrent clients, and a to-do list that opens upon log-in and blends with the desktop when not needed.

Freaky, I know. 
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